What’s your elevator pitch?

What’s your elevator pitch for your station?

Last month we provided a Top 10 list for how COLONYLive can help you meet your goals this year. If you haven’t read it yet, go back and check your inbox and review it. It has some great info in it. Plus, over the next several months, we will take each tip to explain and show examples. This month we will focus on items #1, #2 and #3 which lead us to your elevator pitch (or as we like to call a typical listener sentence).

Creating an effective Elevator Pitch (aka the Typical Listener Sentence)! Top 10 list – items #1 – 3Review the qualitative data on your listeners. What are the socioeconomic characteristics of your listeners? Build a typical listener sentence to describe these potential consumers. Download the step guide below. Create a Prospect list of advertisers that are interested in reaching this type of consumer. Give each of these prospects a priority of A, B, or C. Do you see more prospects for a specific category? Then this category also becomes an A priority. Download step guideNeed a little help with crafting your typical listener sentence?

We are here to help…just click here to schedule your FREE customized training/coaching session! Request Training or CoachingElevator pitches (or listener sentences) are a key to successful selling. Give me a call to fine-tune your listener sentence or to practice your pitch. I am happy to help any time!

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