At COLONYLive we believe in technology that helps ordinary people do extraordinary things.


Whilst COLONYLive may be new to North America the company is enjoying its 13th year of operations, here is a little bit about our history.

The business was born out of the mobile interactions and promotions industry at which point we saw a need and grew heavily into the radio industry. It was at this point that we saw an opportunity – The marriage of radio and mobile interactions! This for us was gold, it told a story about real live people engaging in their community with a medium that most people thought could never be measured in real-time!

We still believe this is one of the strongest partnerships across the media spectrum. Since then we have expanded beyond just text messaging and have included metrics and analysis on social and web channels as well (including streaming and podcasting).

Our speciality is in turning the digital engagements into radio and advertiser-friendly insights and metrics. We focus on both sides of the radio station, providing a data-led solution for sales – proven to generate new revenue fast and for programming, the ability to know what your audience is saying and thinking about particular topics.

We’re a business that exists to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things with two main offices in Austin Texas, USA, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our Why

We believe in technology that helps ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Our How

Business decisions are made by people every day. And we believe in technology that adds to the experience and gut feel it takes to make great decisions. We believe in the potential that is unlocked when innovative ideas are paired with a way to prove what works.

COLONYLive is a software as a service messaging platform created and engineered by a small team of developers and interaction specialists based in South Africa. The platform was conceptualised in mid 2015 and through partnerships with local radio stations soon became the go-to-tool for audience assisted broadcast and analytics. Since the release to market in the fourth quarter of 2016 the uptake of COLONYLive has been phenomenal with 85% of South Africa’s commercially owned radio stations currently on the platform.
COLONYLive is now operating in 5 countries, with hopefully more to follow.