Qualitative insights proven to generate radio revenue

COLONYLive helps you collect valuable, actionable data and create one-sheets for a specific category of advertisers guaranteed to ring the cash register.

QualitativeSurveys & Data

COLONYLive is a simple turn-key solution that generates custom research insights on your audience for hard-to-close categories and advertisers. It delivers sales one-sheets guaranteed to ring the cash register. And it’s all in an easy to use web-based application that takes only minutes to set up.

COLONYLive creates, with your input and based on your sales requirements, short, concise web / mobile surveys for your audience to complete.

Surveys are communicated by you to your audience via various channels with some form of incentive attached.

On Air

Text Blasts

loyalty clubs, membership bases

Social Media

Email Blasts

loyalty clubs, membership bases

Responses are captured instantly and can be viewed in realtime on the platform, or the data can be used to generate simple but effective one-sheets.

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