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Customer testimonials

The media business is research focused, and the use of COLONYLive as a research platform has added material value to our research needs. The engagement is effective and an efficient data delivery platform. You are able to monitor feedback from respondents in real time. The use of this data, in a well delivered message has added additional and NEW revenue to the media business, and converted new clients to trust and believe in our brands and products. Our ROI on this survey was over 30 times.
Nick EfstathiouChief Executive Officer, Central Media Group
Colony Live “one sheets” add a level of professionalism and credibility to my presentations and meetings. It’s one thing to verbally state demographics or information about our listeners shopping needs. It’s another thing entirely to have a professional (and easy) piece in print to show them and leave with them that appeals visually and is compelling data.
Kelly CorbettAccount Manager, Gabriel Media
COLONYLive is a great product and a perfect addition to our radio tools. It gives our sales team quick access to listener information that’s pertinent to our client’s needs. Plus, the staff at COLONYLive made this a painless process to get started and up and running. I highly recommend COLONYLive.
Debbie PattenLocal Sales Manager, Centennial Broadcasting, Fredericksburg VA
Being from an unrated market, COLONYLive has provided us with data that we have never had before. The customized survey enables us to share critical information with our clients….which is turning into revenue! Marco and Karen are a pleasure to work with.
Woody Zimmerman General Manager, Kensington Digital Media, Warsaw IN
We can decide today that we need some insight on how our audience feels about buying the products of our advertisers, and we can have results within a week.
Tony RichardsKensington Digital Media, Nashville TN
CPP’s for our stations are usually much higher than the market … we changed the conversation from CPP to Results.
Bryce PhillipyGeneral Sales Manager, KPLZ Radio-Seattle

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