Austin’s Spirit 105.9 closes a local community college account during the Coronavirus pandemic!

Background:  Spirit 105.9 had a pending proposal for Austin Community College. Then the pandemic hit and they became non-responsive to the radio sales rep’s outreach..

Solution:  Veteran radio Account Manager Martha Iglehart decided to use recent survey information from COLONYLive to show that listeners were still engaged with radio and the station. With a creative email subject line: Are our listeners still tuned-in?, Martha sent a qualitative one sheet to her contact which showed that their listeners were spending more time with radio now during the pandemic, as well as information about how their habits have changed. Martha then followed up the email with a call.

Results:  Martha was able to close the deal for $2340 with Austin Community College!!

Congratulations Martha and Spirit 105.9!! Great job using listener data to stay in touch with current and prospective clients during the pandemic.

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