Congratulations to Golden West in Swift Current Canada for retaining an important advertiser – Pioneer Coop Grocery!

Background:  Pioneer Coop Grocery had been one of their largest clients in the last couple of years.

Problem:  Upon time of renewal, they started to question their investment due to assumptions they had made about the Golden West audiences.

Solution:  With the use of the COLONYLive data, Golden West was able to give Pioneer Coop Grocery a better understanding of the range in their audience demographics. More specific survey questions such as “How much are you likely to spend on groceries in a week” and “Where do you buy most of your groceries?” helped the stations to paint the picture of opportunity for growth in market share by using their stations.

Results:  Golden West was able to secure an annual renewal for CAD $80,000. This group now has customized data they are turning into income!!


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